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In the recent past David Syrkus, staying true to form, submitted a very long drawn out statement to the Ethics Committee. In this irrelevant statement, meaning it had nothing to do with the reason he was there in the first place, he dragged others into his “poor little me” situation. He named a whole lot of people who had nothing to do with him, this blog, and the issue at hand. His rants about how everyone is out to get him made him even more enemies than he already had. He included 100 or so pages of this blog which he was probably using as proof that he’s being “witch hunted” never mind that he was there because he ALEGEDLY STOLE the money from the town of MV. He was more concerned with the fact that someone actually paid a visit to his ex-wife, interviewed his ex-wife, and found out that he, Davie Boy himself had been up there in prior days and intimidated his ex-wife into writing a statement to exonerate himself from the upcoming felony theft charge he is now facing. Whiley coyote! CABLAM!!

One part of this rant, or as others call it, his LOG, he states that “when DSJ took over MV as Mayor he and Patty Burke were in fear for their jobs.” I was curious so I asked around and here’s what I found out about that. DSJ had served on the commission over there in MV and when he became Mayor he asked Davie boy to start keeping a log, which he was already doing for his girly pal Tibby Parker who was the prior Mayor. The reason DSJ asked dufus to keep a log is because DSJ could never figure out, in all the time he served, just what it was that David did because he was never seen doing anything. LOL. BOTTOM LINE WITH THIS LITTLE PIECE OF THE LOG IS THAT DAVIE AND HIS FRIEND FATTY PATTY WERE WORRIED ABOUT THEIR JOBS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO PERFORM THEIR JOBS and someone was making David account for his activity. Or lack thereof. I can understand that they would be scared, what with the town of MV finally getting a Mayor with some intelligence unlike their former Mayor who was fired from of all places BAREFOOT BAY. That one still gets me.

Stay tuned for more on the “Memoirs of David Syrkus!”


Blogger golfbabe01 said...

The first aniversary of this blog is coming up on 11/01/06. Look how far we've come. Blogs have come and blogs have gone but we're still here even though David complained to FDLE about us. Too bad Davie Boy,you did try though! In the past year we've seen at least one "Chief" be removed from his throne and arrested, we've seen one run for the hills with his fake degree which, seems to be the fad these days. Soon we will see what happens to thieves who take it upon themselves to use a quit claim deed to steal money for themselves. This should be interesting. I hear that if this guy isn't sent to prison and just receives a slap on the hand there will be more quit claims out there.


P.S. To all of you women out there, this is Breast Cancer Awareness month please make sure your mammo is current. Just a reminder.

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Blogger won't get elected said...

You say he allegedly stole money from MV. How about a look at the facts and let readers decide. The State of Florida provides extra money for police officers who attend special training classes. I am told that you can ask any police officer and they can tell you to the penny how much they get each month for their education and special training. To qualify for this money you have to spend 80 hours in a classroom and pass the courses. If you pass two 40 hour courses or 1 80 hour course the officer gets another $20.00 a month added to their pay. FDLE keeps track of the classes of all law enforcement officers because the state is the one paying out the money. But here is the catch. Once every 4 years every police officer has to have 40 hours of police training and count it as retraining in order to keep being a certified police officer. This 40 hours can't be counted toward your 80 hours training money ($20.00). You get nothing for the 40 hours of training but the right to keep being a police officer another 4 years. FDLE mails out a report each year showing exactly what courses each police officer in the agency has taken and how much money he/she is receiving from the State. It shows which courses were awarded for more money and which courses were counted for the 4 year 40 hours of retraining. The police chief is responsible for checking the FDLE print out and to certify that the amount of money being paid to each officer is the right amount. The police chief certifies that he has proof on hand that the officer took the courses shown and that the report sent by FDLE is correct. After swearing it true the form is taken to the finance department and who ever is in charge checks the payroll record against the amount shown being paid to each officer and then certifies that the city is paying that exact amount to each of the officers listed. The form is then mailed sent back to FDLE. I'm off break now so will continue later. I have been assured this is the right process but if anyone disagrees please post and I will check it out.

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Blogger CAGNEY said...

Good Morning Everyone

Golfbabe and Won't get Elected

Don't leave out the part where he asks FDLE agents if they are giving this blog information

7:28 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

blah, blah, blah....move on you morons.

Can't you find another cause? I think that the soup kitchen issue in Melbourne would be a good one for you guys since that is a worthy cause and I know how honest and unbias you guys are!

Now, back to your CAVE!

9:51 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...


You have two independant people swear the FDLE training report and the amount of money received are correct. For three years in MV, DS as chief received the report and every year it said he was to receive $60.00 per month in extra pay. Every year he swore FDLE was correct but never took it to the finance person or payroll people so they could check and swear the amount shown was the amount they were paying each officer. What he did was to sign it for them. That was strange because the report from FDLE requires the chief financial officer check it and sign it. DS was receiving $80.00 per month from MV because that is what he claimed to MV he was due. If he took the report to them in any of the three years this went on they would have checked it against payroll records and seen he was being paid to much. Then one sunny day DS forgot to send in the report to FDLE and they called the PD. He wasn't around so they were transfered to finance and she said just fax the report to me and I will make sure it gets done. They did and she immediately discovered DS was being paid to much and had been for almost three years. She told the Mayor and he investigated and felt DS intenionally cheated MV. It looks like DS would have been fired had it not been for the election about three weeks later where the mayor wasn't re-elected. DS said it was a clerk error and eventuall paid the money back. During all of this DS was bad mouthing the mayor and the mayors wife trying to make sure he didn't get re-elected.
Looks like there was a lot of trying to cover up as DS said there was mixup because there was another error and they counted a class as the 4 year retraining and they should have counted it as regular training. If you look at the paperwork the course he claims was classified wrong really wasn't because his 4 years was up. He had to have the 40 hour course as retraining to stay certified as a police officer.

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Blogger won't get elected said...


If you are bored with this blog why not stop reading it?

Poor Paul

No one wants to talk to you. You lied to us again and again. Stop trying to BS us with more lies.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive."

Didn't you read about Sir Walter
Scott in college. No? Oh, thats right you just lied about graduating from the university of miami with a masters degree in business administration. Why hasn't Chief Syrkus contributed to your campaign? We told you before we know you to well and are ready for more deception. Tonight is your last meeting and from now on you can sit in the back of the room with the rest of the crowd and lie all you want but it won't be on at our expense! Your letter to florida today was really dumb and everyone knows you are a liar now. The only reason it is old news and didn't work before was because you had your buddy walters on your side and won by 2 votes. Not anymore I hear. You are so sneaky and such a low life no one can trust you. April Evans and Tom Shaw deserve a chance to show they aren't like you. Mayor Gual says hello.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

I keep waiting for some positive posts and you idiots keep me entertained while I work. That is why I read it.

I am glad that you threw some positive words in there about April and Tom, now we need a few more new people to replace the remaining morons on the commish and that ding a ling we call a mayor and we might get on track.

After that we only have you loosers to get rid of and maybe we will get some real issues resolved!

Back to your CAVE!

1:39 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...


Thank you so much for your positive evaluations of everyone on the Town Commission. Can't wait to see how the new people fair. My bet is April won't take the constant complaining and Tom won't last a year and will miss half the meetings. But they deserve a chance. There is an election every year. Price will go next year, the mayor the following year, won't run again at 80. So we will see how it works out.

4:39 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Tony, god your stupid! To everyone else, this is exactly what this guy does when he tries to post a comment on here except he didn't use the F or the C word which is why we posted him. For your entertainment. Is there any substance to his comment? No! Is what he says helpful to the issue at hand? No! Do we know what the hell he means by back to your cave? NO! Is he the Moron? Yes! He's just mad because we found evidence and turned in DAvie Boy. Hey Tony, one more thing. If the Davie thing pisses you off then you're really going to be pissed when you find out what we're up to now. I'll give you a little hint. It has something to do with the SCHOOL BOARD and a certain criminal teacher.

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Blogger DickTracey said...

OUR School board urges vigilance
From Florida Today

Ethics hotline
The district encourages anyone concerned about the behavior or compliance of an employee to call its ethics hotline at 633-1000, ext. 170.

State Board of Education Rule 6B-1.001, FAC
(1) The educator values the worth and dignity of every person, the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, acquisition of knowledge, and the nurture of democratic citizenship. Essential to the achievement of these standards are the freedom to learn and to teach and the guarantee of equal opportunity for all.

(2) The educators primary professional concern will always be for the student and for the development of the students potential. The educator will therefore strive for professional growth and will seek to exercise the best professional judgment and integrity.

(3) Aware of the importance of maintaining the respect and confidence of ones colleagues, of students, of parents, and of other members of the community, the educator strives to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct.

"By virtue of their leadership capacity, teachers are traditionally held to a high moral standard in a community."

6:54 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

"the educator strives to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct."

Was this what Kwebby was doing when she commented on Sad Sue's blog during the election last year. She and Davie did their best to get Black elected. She posed as a citizen and talked terrible about the mayor.
Shortly after her comment went up, it was changed from Kwebby to my2cents. Not so soon that the comment wasn't printed and given to the mayor. You owe him an apology Ms Circus.

Was it moralally or legally right to sign as a witness on Davie's quit claim in which he took all the money and shared nothing with his ex-wife. If anyone knew whose signature was on that quit claim, it was Kwebby. She certainly knew it was not the signature of the ex-wife. You were building a house at the time Kwebby, did the ex-wifes money help pay for it or did the circus spend it all?

Respect from the community?
I don't think so!

7:08 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Davie's girls helped him defraud not only the ex but the poor unsuspecting buyer and take that one step further, the current owner of that house. There was no clear title after Davie and his girls did their "DEED" with the Quit Claim Deed. We just had a pencil search done on that house and low and behold the tentative value came in at $275K. Someone will have to pay. Tony, see what your friend did? ST isn't the only victim here. But you don't care about that do you? All you care about is where your next bowl of soup is comming from. Have a good day.

8:15 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Dick Tracey

I don't know what makes Tom Shaw a good person. Walters said it to me about april and shaw but I think he probably is better than what we got. Don't really know the man. I laugh every time I drive by his house and see that since he decided to run for office he parks a car sideways in front of his illegally parked boat so you can't see the boat behind it. Kind of funy because he complains about a lack of code enforcement and says he is committed to having more code enforcement. LOL Good question to ask him candidates night?

Maybe he isn't any better and is just better at being sneaky?

11:47 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Just got an e-mail. Last nights meeting has been down loaded on the private blog. Enjoy!

11:49 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

One more thing. Poor Paul please stop saluting every time you see a patrick air force base sticker in the window of a car getting gas. No real war hero wants to return a salute to a gas jockey in shorts. They know your just a big bag of wind. I hear Dave Syrkus is campaigning for you and asking people to vote for you. I heard the Mayor saved your butt from a verbal lashing last night by a true war hero and two residents. You got lucky. 17 more days.

12:02 PM  
Blogger WeNeedJustice said...

Hey guys...does anyone know where "geterdone" took off to? We've not heard anything from him/her...I'm getting kind of worried. Did Circus find out who he was and go "off" him?

On another note...Who's on first? LMAO!

3:57 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

won't get elected said " I hear Dave Syrkus is campaigning for you (poor paul)and asking people to vote for you."

Is Davie doing this campaigning from the TM's office cause I heard Davie has him in his pocket? I saw it being discussed on the other blog.

Anyone heard when DD is having his party? Celebrating "new found money" or something. Some old friend of his (LOL) finally decided to repay him. You know the kind, those that want your money, but stab you in the back every chance they get. The kind that makes up the rules of friendship as they go along. The kind that would do for others, just not you because you tell them when they are wrong.

golfbabe, I used that Zillow.com (from sad sue's blog) and it says over $275,000. Wow, she will be getting a much bigger portion of the pie now!

7:29 AM  
Blogger geterdone said...

Dick Tracey

I am here. Posted the other day but it didn't get on. I am in and out of town quite a bit and catch up whenever I am back in town.

2:53 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Happy to hear you are still with us. We hope your trips are pleasure and not all business.

Sorry about your post not making it. Don't take it personal. Even blogs have a mind of their own.lol I feel some of my own are out there in cyber space, probably never to be read. If you will be so kind as to send it again, we will try harder this time.

4:51 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

continuing ethics complaint

Now DS was in a pickel again and would have probably been fired had the election not saved him. The Mayor didn't get re-elected. When the winning mayor took over DS BSed him and had him remove the write up from his file. After the ethics complaint was filed he sent in lots of pages of this blog to show he was picked on. This blog had to nothing to do with anything he did in MV but it did muddy the water. He claimed the MV finance clerk made a mistake and told the investigator that he didn't have computer access to the FDLE website where the classes and payment information was posted and that he hadn't looked at his personal classes in years. What the investigator didn't know or failed to understand was that DS didn't need access to the web site because FDLE mailed a printed list each and every year. Every year DS swore that he had checked the FDLE printout, signed it and sent it back as correct. So he told the investigator only part of the truth.

In order to believe DS you have to believe that he didn't know how much money he had coming, he didn't know why the town was paying him $80.00 a month when FDLE said he only had $60.00 due, that he didn't take the FDLE report to the chief financial officer for her signature because he thought he was both the police chief and MV chief financial officer, that he never discovered the mistake himself although he only had 7 forty hour classes to review and that one was classified retraining, that the so called error just happended to benefit him positively by $720.00 when the odds were 50/50 any so called error by the clerk could have been paying to little instead of to much. That through out his career it was always someone else at fault when he did something wrong, and that he had repeatedly lied to his police chief bosses over the years every time he got caught sleeping on duty, dumping ink on the new carpet, false reports, but was telling the truth now. The ethics commission said they could not prove corrupt intent as required. The murky water he created prevailed again and there was a reasonable doubt it was the clerks fault. So what do you think? Guilty or not?

5:13 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

I noted on the taped interviews done by the States investigator that at least one person interviewed said that Florida law required the annual report to be sent but also required any problems with the report were to be handled by the department or Town. Therefore it would be up to MV to handle ANY and ALL problems. What I didn't understand was that FDLE was given proof positive that DS was willing to lie to THEM by signing their report stating he only received the same amount they said he should and did not care enough about his lies to do anything about it. Like the Ethics Commission, they were given copies of all the information. Don't forget that He (the circus clown)states that it was FDLE who notified him when they were ask to investigate him concerning the incentive pay and the quit claim.

According to documents I have read, FDLE not only notified him of the complaint filed by the ex-wife, but knew he was going to see her, to take care of the matter. If you read the Circus response to the Ethics Commission, he wants charges brought against others who visited the ex-wife (for impeding an investigation) but fails to mention his own visit.

Was his response a smoke screen? It apparently was the best he could do. They couldn't prove intent but I think it was there. He is a sneaky slimy snake.

7:11 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

It appears that municipalities have swayed from doubling checks on expenditures. By that I mean a red flag should have gone up when a department head , such as the prior chief, was signing a document as both department head and head of finance. Certainly the financial records should have been kept by the financial officer for the town. In this instance, the prior chief was not only signing, but was never turning them over to anyone. A check and balance system was lost. Why was this never caught by anyone for 3 years?

Do we not have any kind of representative checking records in our police departments?

I want to extend a VERY LARGE CONGRATULATIONS to DP of MelBeach. I have been told that he stated during the last Commission Meeting that he would was now against employees breaking the law. That is certainly a full swing from his statement a few months ago printed in a newspaper that he was not concerned of crimes committed by employees prior to hire.

Maybe a new thinking process has occured?

As for the TM getting legal advice from other than the Town's attornies in order to answer citizens complaints, What is this all about? Does a crime have to be a felony before the TM is willing to look at it? Does the crime have to be prosecuted by the State Attorneys office to make it a crime? Sorry, but if an officer of the law commits a crime, I would think that the TM would care no matter what the crime was, antiquated law or not. I do believe that there are lots of "old" crimes that are looked at all the time, for instance THEFT, PERJURY, and FRAUD. Isn't using a fraudulant degree on an application for employment looked at as if someone is lying and isn't that a firable offence?
I know I have read where others have been fired for lying on a job application. Even leaving something off an application has been known to get some fired.

9:47 AM  
Blogger GOLFBAGHATER said...

Dick Dumb Ass ,learn to spell,Attories? You Asshole no wonder you never got hired.

1:49 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Thanks golfbaghooter for pointing out my spelling error. As for the other comments, I really didn't think they were worthy of printing, but it does show everyone what a wonderful person you are, doesn't it.

You need to think a little more before you hit that publish button, you see, I must not be who you think I am. I haven't been turned down for any jobs, so I think that makes you the........one in error.

2:20 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

dick tracey

The problem was the clerk didn't know about the FDLE report or if she did she wasn't aware she was suppose to sign it as she never had it presented to her.

FDLE should be sending the report to the police chief to check classes and verify them only. They should send another form to the finance clerk to check the amount paid. Bingo check and balance.

5:08 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

poor paul

stop looking around everytime you pump gas. You look wacko twisitng that head all around. People must think you your IQ is about 90

Heck I don't want to exaggerate the truth. They must think you have an IQ of about 70

5:12 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

DP has said and done a lot of things. Next years commission race will be one to remember I hear.

5:16 PM  
Blogger GOLFBAGHATER said...

Sorry,your still stupid though.

7:32 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...


Now that you've shown everyone just what a moron you are what are you going to now? Go to Disney World? I'm sure you didn't think your stupid comment would be published but now that you see it on the screen do you feel just a little bit stupid? You should because we just got'cha again. LOL

5:39 AM  
Blogger GOLFBAGHATER said...


2:44 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Sorry GBH, I wasn't there. Why? Were you?

6:41 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Dick Tracey, won't get elected and who ever has a dyke hair cut Golfbaghater is really mad now. Guess he doesn't like to be the brunt of the joke. LOL still laughing at you GBH!!!!!!!! I'll let the other's decide if they want to post your smut. PIG! Oh bye the way GBH, I don't have a dyke hair cut by a long shot. still a moron you'll not change.

6:45 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Kinda funny listening to a bald guy talk bad about a haircut...lol

8:56 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...


Although there is reason to send him to jail for violating the law and a court order it won't happen. I have some experience in the field and have seen worse than him set free. He will probably receive probation and have to pay the money back. That is the best you can hope for. I doubt very much it even goes to a jury. A plea will probably be offered. He may not accept it if he feels he can get the charges thrown out due to the statute of limitations would be up had he not been a public official.

2:54 PM  
Blogger CAGNEY said...

I guess that anything could happen with any case when it gets in the courts.

I think the crime committed should draw jail time.

If using a quit claim in order to steal is probation only, then Florida property owners are in trouble.

Officers are suppose to be held to a higher standard.

The embarrassment for Brevard County Law Enforcement should get him time all by it's self.

And how is the court going to get blood from a turnip. He has spent his money on his defense and has no job at present.

4:39 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

I don't disagree but the Judge will consider not only his breach of the public trust but his history. Since he has no previous convictions for violating the law the plead deal if accepted won't call for jail time and if convicted by a jury probably won't be sentenced to jail. Now if you get a judge who wants to make an example then maybe 10 days in jail could be the sentence. Not likely. Remember he never even had to show up for the arrest.

7:36 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

He has no history because he never got caught! Until now of course. I think the witnesses will draw a pretty good picture of the kind of guy Davie is. We'll see.

8:43 AM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Does probation for perjury mean he goes to jail as soon as he lies again?
If so, he won't be on the streets long....LOL

9:15 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Dick tracey

Your too funny. We know he will lie again so should ask the judge just to jail him now.

9:32 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Poor Paul

why do you make me continue to council you. Stop bad mouthing Mr. walters at the chevron station. He is a far better commissioner than you will ever be. I think everyone in town knows that he can be trusted even if they don't like him. Can't say that about you! I made sure he knows what you are saying about him and know he won't be happy about it! Mr. Walters if you read this blog get off your butt and get to campaigning before this dumb lying blow hard gets elected again! Poor paul did DS send you some money. I hear your begging all over town for contributions after saying you would not accept any in a public meeting! Another lie by poor paul! Talk about if his lips are moving he is lying! OMG can you picture PP and DS in the same room talking at the same time. LOL

10:21 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

poor paul

I told two people who are supporters of his what you are saying about him poor paul. They were not happy with you.

10:52 AM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

geterdone said " Remember he never even had to show up for the arrest."

Didn't I read in the capias that he had promised to meet with an agent and turn himself in if an arrest warrant was issued? OOOPS, Davie done done it again.
Guess he thought he was too good to show up for all the cameras.
Too good to get arrested like the rest of us, but not tooo good to do the crime.
Wow, another public servant bites the dust and with no integrity.
Using whatever he can to not show responsibility for his own misdoings.
Does any of this ever make you just wonder why joe public is a little wary of government?
This crime was reported over 12 months ago people.
Somebody put some oil on the wheel!

2:24 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Watch out Commissioner walters! I just heard poor paul and his friends are playing dirty again! I left two messages for you. Please call me back so I can fill you in!

1:32 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

poor paul has friends?

8:17 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Yes Dick Tracey, Isn't he friends with Sad Sue? They have their own little misfit social circle.

10:04 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

I heard sad sue has a poor paul and a no to walters /wilson sign in her yard and is helping poor
paul. Sell out Price is supporting poor paul and Tom Shaw. That ought to get them two votes. Sell out Price can battle it out with walters next year. I can't wait for that one to happen. Sell out Price has that Syrkus attitude me me me me. Walters doesn't have a sign anywhere. Downing the new community activist is supporting april evans and tom shaw. If I had to guess with about a week left before election day I would say evans and poor paul will get it? What do you guys think?

12:27 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

I think you may be right! If you look at the way some of the MB folks have voted in the past it's a strong possibility! Maybe we'll get some educated voters who are sick of the current regime and the way some of them think they own the town and the citizens work for them maybe, just maybe, things will start to look up and the goof balls won't win this election. We'll see next week won't we?

2:18 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Melbourne Beach needs good strong leadership.

Melbourne Beach needs to vote for the candidates who will see to it that the best is done for it's citizens, not it's employees.

The Town needs a Commission that will make sure employees are right for the job and that they do their job. If that means firing more often, then so be it.

No town needs leaders who thinks of themselves first or lies to the people and they don't need employees who do that either.

8:42 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

I heard the sad sue group is staying out of the election and wants to get along with all of the candidates? Can she be believed or will she play nasty? I heard poor paul is playing the employees were run off bit for all it is worth at the chevron to anyone that will listen to him. Here is what I know for sure about politics. What goes around comes around and if they play hard ball you can count on them having it come around sooner than later. Who ever wins will have to sit up there and here from those that don't. Three of the four running don't strike me as turn the other cheek kind of people. If it gets real nasty before the election it will get much worse after. Thanks for posting this politics stuff while we wait for the Syrkus case to be heard.

8:58 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...


What I find amazing is that a couple of these people would support a person that would stab them in the back in a heartbeat and lies to them all the time. But go after a man that has a long history of integrity in the town. I don't agree with all the height restrictions but I have to give credit to Mr. Walters and Mr. Wilson for letting the residents decide.

Poor Paul should stop telling people that his former campaign people wrote the lies in his campaign letter and it just got by him when he approved it. Now that is a funny story poor paul and I doubt anyone would believe it. I know two people that you told that story to didn't.

9:41 AM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

You wasted how much time typing that ridiculous comment? You're not getting posted here now and your not getting posted here ever!!

Now back to YOUR Bat Cave! MORON!!!

6:42 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

NINE (9) days to go. If Davie Boy doesn't get jail time, he will get community service. I personally would like to see him on the side of the road picking up trash. There would have been a much bigger feeling of justice if his wife and fatty patty had to join him. Trash picking up trash, too funny.

6:47 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Tony, even with your carrying on and on about the different candidates, you failed to mention poor paul.

I found that most interesting.

9:16 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

He is alive and kicking! What a nice flyer from Mr. Walters? Very positive. I read it and thought at least he is keeping this campaign clean. I think everyone is pretty tired of the negative and it only hurts you in the end. If anyone goes negative I guess the paper will jump on it like they did with the school board seats today. I still haven't seen anything from poor paul or Tom Shaw but two people have told me if poor paul even dares goes negative like he did before they will personaly start a re-call if he gets in after all the lies he has told us one more lie about anyone would put them over the edge. Any word on the police chief case? How did the candidates do the other night?

10:31 AM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...


4:40 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

The candidates were ok. Only about 40 people there. No one bothered to advertise the meeting. If I was rating them I have to give it to Walters and poor paul. Tom Shaw came in with a claw or something and I really didn't get his points. Used some big words but didn't say how he could fix anything. Striped polo shirt and baseball cap was the attire for him. Walters and poor paul wore acoat and tie. April just seemed to repeat the tired old lines you hear about getting along with employees blag blah. She said she knew how to keep them? Didn't say how but I bet it will cost me more money! Very demure and didn't seem to have a grip on what was happening. Very nice women though but whats with the flip flops? Walters made a great point about a persons rights ending where someone elses begins. I thought about that one for awhile. He is smarter than I thought. But the undercurrent around the community isn't all good for him. Don't forget we hear the other side is planning one last battle to get him out. poor paul answered well but can you ever trust this man? I think we see April in and poor paul. The sad sue group are suddenly for poor paul when three years ago they thought he was an idiot. At 70 years old though he can get elected and flip flop again and leave them in the cold. Doubt he would or could run again at 74. Might be fun though watching Mr. Walters on the other side of the room asking questions they won't be able to answer.By far and away he has the most knowledge of any of them. By far he is the most honest to me. But the man just never learned to lie to your face and then deny it later. He made lots of enemies by not shoveling the BS and playing kiss up. All candidates seemed to take the questions in stride and it lasted only about 90 minutes.

4:44 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...


What is up with tony?

6:47 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Quoting poor paul's campaign letter in my door this morning.

"I am no ones "BOY", nor am I in any ones the pocket, the only pocket I wish to be in is yours."

What a racist comment! This term was used for 200 years to degrade our African American brothers. In the 50's 60's it was used to degrade our AAB and to treat them as less then equal. I can not believe Donnie Price is supporting this man. I can not believe sad sue and her group support him.
This is the real poor paul and tells you what he is really all about! Sick Sick Sick poor paul. Move! We don't need any more racists in the world. You are not in anyones pocket but want to be in mine? Go jump in the river! You just lost my vote and I am sending this to Florida Today.

3:26 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

$100 Reward

For information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person carrying a ladder around town putting up no walters wilson signs! put Up about 12 feet on telephone poles. Who spent all this money for signs but doesn't have the guts to post them leagally! I was told it is a violation of three different laws but they sneak around like a thief in the night because they are law breakers not wanting to get caught. The first person who sees this happen please call the police and get their license number. I heard it has been going on for months and the person doing it is a wacko. I heard who it was but can't prove it so will not name them now. But turn them in and I will send you a hundred bucks on conviction of even one crime. I just hate people who sneak around in the middle of the night committing crime after crime with no respect for the law. This is a case for the dean of detectives! Go get them DD and if it is you that catches them and files a criminal charge on them I will make it $200.00

7:52 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Won't get elected,

What's up with the TM? I hear the sign thing was reported to him and he did nothing.

10:42 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Won't get elected,
In answer to your question, Tony wants to be somebody but doesn't want to play by the rules. He keeps commenting by being a rude jerk. He'll never get another comment posted on here.

Hey Dick Tracey,
Going tailgating at the football game today, should be a lot of fun.

10:08 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Dick Tracey

I heard he did take one down but that was on Oak. The other one on colony was the one he missed. The Town Clown may have been responsible.

2:21 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Just called Mr. Walters to tell him I told him so. He said Susan Dieterle mailed out the nasty campaign flyer on him. Hope it is spelled right. I had him spell it for me. He said he called Florida Today and will file criminal charges on her next week after the election is over as she failed to put her name on it. He will also send out a letter to all residents telling them about her after the election! I also told him he will lose the election but at least can file the lawsuit now and not have to worry about being accused of suing a citizen. Let the games begin!

3:32 PM  
Blogger melbeacher said...

Wow Steve ? Who Looks out for us?
Not You. Your Flyer was incorrect in stateing allYOU did For Getting FEMA here and Ice for the town . You did do alot but you just showed up all the cordination was done by others.
you just rode the gravy train. Just like you did your whole career in MB.
You played the town as best as you could and look at the nice fat retirement you got. You ought to Kiss the towns feet insted of trying to destroy it.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Hector Berlioz said...

I find it amusing that none of you know who is quietly posting the "No Walters/Wilson" signs

A hundred bucks to turn the rascall in? Heck... it's some of the best free entertainment this town has seen in years.

Susan Dieterlie behind the "Anti-Walters" mailing? Please... look at the writing style. That is NOT the work of some nut-case... Susan Dieterlie isn't capable of writing anything without foaming at the mouth... My copy may have arrived in the mail a little crumpled by the post office's machines, but there were no bits of dried foaming saliva stuck to the page. Again... I know the author, and I know who paid to have the mailing sent out... Steve is about to sue the wrong person. Save your money Mr. Walters... the person responsible is closer than you think.

Speaking of amusing political flyers... have you seen the insane rant being tucked into doorways and hand delivered all over Melbourne Beach by the Second Graders over at Paul Google-Eddie's Home Skool for Home School Drop outs? Those tell tale spelling and grammatical errors are there for a reason folks... he want's you to know that he wrote that flyer with no outside help.

We've got four people running for office in Melbourne Beach... and not one of them is worth voting for. Will someone PLEASE give me a ballot with a fifth candidate... "None Of The Above" ?

6:34 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

Oh course who else would do this!

This is sad sue in action and exactly why we can't get more than a couple of good people to run for office in Melbourne Beach. The police won't take too long in getting a description or name from the post office of who bought a large amount of stamps in Melbourne, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, IHB or Melbourne Beach. Once they have a name or description the cops can make her pucker a little more. Should make a good news story. Where did the money come from? Developers, or lawyers? A former police chief stalking seniors? A jury is sure going to love that one. OMG I sure hope for their financial health they can prove that one! I think of anyone on the council they picked on the wrong man this time! I agree with won't get elected. Let the games begin!

6:41 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Okay, I read the "Take Our Town Back" and I have an opinion...LOL

You failed to put your name and address on it so I will guess that it wasn't done by Downey.

You also give more power to one vote on a Commission of five than is believable.

Oh Yea, I remember now....

If it rains.....
If there is a fire......
If we have a hurricane......
If we stub our toe.......
It must be Steve's fault.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Grow up you idiots

Accused of stalking..hmmmm
sounds like Davie "Boy"

Mutiple Ethics complaints filed against him...and you left out that he was cleared.

You FAIL as a good detective.

And this is just for Steve
When did you get the power to sign anything into "LAW"?

9:18 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Hector, I mean Waco sad sue, Get back on your meds. Please to help out your fellow citizens the next time you decide to attend a candidates night take a bath first! Hector, I mean sad sue, you wrote the letter and your lawyer/doctor friends paid $500 for it and you are left holding the bag. Didn't you give a few copies to the Town Clown the other afternoon? HAHAHA. Do you have any idea at all how pathetic you are.

6:32 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...


Once again you have your facts wrong but please enlighten us to who it was I saw all week in the morning on my way to work after hurricane Jeanne at 8:00 am and still there at 5:30 pm when I drove home from work loading stuff into cars and looking like he was about to keel over? Who was it that loaded tarps and ice into my car three times in as many days. Who was it I saw on that following Sat. and Sun. unloading a huge semi truck with just two other men? If it wasn't Mr. Walters it was his twin! Idiot! Are you jealous he has a pension because you don't? You really are a petty person aren't you? For Susan Dieterle I received Mr. Walters letter the same time I got yours. He must have already known what you were going to do? Hint Hint. He sure out smarted you again didn't he. LOL. His letter warned us yours was coming. He said Please don't let anyone STEAL your vote with blantant lies or political propaganda. Then I opened your letter. LOL. The guy must be a mind reader. I said before Tom Shaw and April Evans deserve a chance but I hate dirty politics and called everyone I know in MB last night and asked them to vote ONLY for Mr. Walters. Most of them got both letters and agreed it was the people who want condos that paid the money to Susan Dieterle to write it and send it and get even with him. I don't think people in this town will be willing to believe our retired police chief was stalking senior citizens? I hope everyone that reads this agrees that sad sue went over the line and will call your friends and ask them to vote for only one candidate. Mr. Walters. Lets show these high rise freaks they aren't running the town. I hope this back fires in your face coward that you are Susan Dieterle the sad sack sue of MB. Don't forget David is depending on you to hold his hand in court this month.

7:23 AM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Hector Berlioz said...
Susan Dieterlie isn't capable of writing anything without foaming at the mouth...


7:54 AM  
Blogger sunsetoldandugly said...

I read her letter and for the first time in this election was really upset. She is the woman that was opposed to the height limit and was harrassing Steve Walters. She got some approval to build a home on sunset but it couldn't be over 28 feet so she came after him. I remember her. I was voting for April and Tom because I thought we could use a change on the commission but agree this letter of Susan Dieterle's was not signed and very sneaky like she thinks we are so dumb we will allow her to get away with it. I will vote only for Steve to protest this nasty letter. My screen name reflects my displeasure with her.

8:53 AM  
Blogger moore fixit said...

Heck, it could be any of a number of malcontents who were behind that letter.
After seeing the way Tom Shaw addressed some folks on the Melbourne Beach alliance email thread, I guess it's a safe assumption he's going to resort to name calling and threats when someone disagrees with him.
April Evans seems to be the nicest person of the four, but that doesn't make her the most qualified.
But I agree with others==as a show of solidarity that I won't be swayed by a bunch of crazed malcontents that don't follow the rules, I'm casting a sole vote. It will be for Steve Walters.

10:05 AM  
Blogger makesmesick said...

Sad sue makes me sick! I'm going to tell everyone I know to cast one vote for Walters. Most people hate ugly politics and hopefully will see through this blatant blather. I think she had help & think they are all crooks & evil. Ho has this element gotten so deep into our town? We need to think about this. There is more to this then meets the eye.
People of MB need to wake up and get involved. Maybe this trash will get them started.

10:34 AM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

I recognize the election is in a few days and this letter caused a stink for some of you and now you want action. Where were you guys when your chief lied about another citizen and passed the rumor that he impersonated a police officer?
Where were you when he got fired for asking for public record?
Where were you when he spoke at public meetings and was ask to submit it in writing? Where were you when he was overcharged for public record?
It appears as if People only stand up when it gets personal. Too bad!

What has happen with this nasty letter will show itself at the polls and when the election is over, I would like to see DD given a job and a pubic apology to him for what this town has allowed towards him.

11:00 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Dick Tracey

So funny. Can you picture sad sue looking in the mirror and asking her self questions. Hi my name is sad sue whats yours? Funny. Where were they indeed. Sad sue and the group of losers were defending Chief Syrkus. Killing the messenger so to speak. After Syrkus pleds guilty watch them run. If the Town had hired the dean of detectives we could put him on this caper and have him find more proof that Susan Dieterle did the crime, no two crimes, no more than 1000 crimes because each letter was against the law. How much will she get fined? I heard SW is filing charges with the elector commission next week besides criminal charges. I was told this morning the fine could be up to $10,000. Hope you got a good lawyer sad sue. I heard he had more then 30 calls since last night so far and he is telling everyone that calls him that Susan Dieterle did it. He is also asking for them to keep the letter and he wil pick it up. I know for sure he has information to prove it because I gave it to him a few days ago. Check my old posts!

12:33 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Moore fix it

You knew it wasn't poor paul as soon a syou saw the word "systemic'
in the letter.

12:51 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...


AND FOR golfboy:
you have no say on this blog!
take a hike!
you lost your priviledge to speak here long ago dirt bag!

1:40 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

Wow! I leave town for a weekend and look what happens. I can't leave you guys alone for a minute can I? LOL

Looks like things are heating up in the election arena. Good questions about "where were you?" Anyone have an answer? The ninth is coming up shortly. We have a big week ahead of us. Tuesday we go to the polls to be heard and on the ninth we go to the courts to hear what happens to David Syrkus.

I hope you're right about Sick Sue who sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. I hope she does get nailed for breaking the law. I hope her time has finally come. And finally, I hope this shuts her up for good, finally!

I know this is a lot to hope for but she deserves whatever she gets. Let's look at her history. She defended David Syrkus. "Oh no, he couldn't have done that," "oh no, he's such a good man," "oh no, those blog people are bad and my David is so good!" And what happened there? Did we shut her up about that? Yes, I think we did! Now look at her, sending out letters to people to sway the votes of MB voters like they're such a bunch of idiots. She has continuously underestimated her fellow citizens because she thinks she's so damned smart. When will she get it that no one likes her, even the people that put her up to this letter campaign. We all know they used her because she's such an idiot and allows people to use her. I said it before and I'll say it again. She thrives on the attention because she wants so badly to be a part of things but between her stupidity and her smell nobody wants to associate themselves with her.

I agree that MB should say their sorry and hire Dean Darling. They owe him BIG TIME! I also think that SICK SUE should shine his shoes for him everyday, she also owes him BIG TIME! Let's see what kind of integrity the MB commission has after Tuesday. If they hire DD then I would say that MB has regained some of what they have been lacking over the past few years. If not then I would say that nothing has changed. We'll see, won't we?

Hey Sick Sue, don't forget to vote on Wednesday.

3:26 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Complaining about someone destoying the town seems to be heard all around.

DD was said to be destoying the town.

A blog was said to be destoying a town.

Now a commissioner is said to be destoying a town.

Use a little imagination and come up with a new line, this one is worn completely out.

You are a bunch of crybabies and sound like "Chicken Little" crying "THE SKY IS FALLING".

Maybe there are problems you could solve if you didn't blame others for your own faults. Take a little responsibility and do something good for the town and try to make it legal. For those of you who knows who sent the nasty letter and who hung the signs, have you ever heard of "aiding and abetting"? May not be so comical if you are charged too....LOL

5:58 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

Susan if I were you I would get ready for some negative comments about you. If I were you I would get ready to hire a really good lawyer. Hope you have the money because if you know who loses the election I would guess you will need a good one. Since your house isn't coming along very well I hope you can afford to fight a lawsuit while building. Let me think $150.00 an hour or a free attorney from your friends which will it be. very nasty but I hear dyou were warned many times. I suspect the police will be calling on you soon and by the way please lie to them so they can charge you with perjury. I am sure Mr. Walters will not rest until he proves out who sent the letter out and we all know it was you so get ready susan dieterle to defend your unlawful actions.

6:51 PM  
Blogger golfbabe01 said...

I wonder if Sicko Sue drinks a lot? I read that part of the pathetic smear campaign letter where it said that Walters humiliates town citizens who try to speak at public meetings. I had to laugh my ass off. As I recall, it's Gugi and Price who are guilty of not letting towns people talk and humiliating them. What the hell are you talking about stupid sue and your idiot cronies? You totally screwed yourselves with this one. Sad Sue will be questioned and when she feels a little bit of pressure she will then squeel like a pig and we'll know who all was behind this sad attempt at slander toward SW.

8:50 PM  
Blogger sunsetoldandugly said...


I see you talked to who I talked to because I heard the same thing. OMG for you Susan Dieterle I think you had a lot of opportunity to tell the truth sad sue and didn't. I heard you were warned in writing repeatedly but ignored warnings to stop lying about Mr. Walters. Now you say he is harrassing and stalking the elderly? You have gone to far and will be made an example of for those who would follow with malcious lies about other candidates. You will cost him the election but ask anyone that knows him you won't get away with it because win or lose it will cost you a ton of money. Enjoy for a moment your fame and cheer then get a really good lawyer to defend what will come. Go for it Mr. Walters. Be a man and start the process. Will you allow this nut case to win? Have you gotten a call from Florida Today yet? What will you say? I say enough is enough.

8:51 PM  
Blogger sunsetoldandugly said...


I see you talked to who I talked to and heard the same angry person pledge to file suit against the really sad sue. I sure would be thinking why did I do this if I were her but she is just such a dumb nut case she wouldn't get it until the process server is on her door step. Way to go sad sue. You won the election by lies now get ready to pay out a lot of money. You couldn't beat the man honestly so you paid to get him dishonestly. For anyone that knows this man do you believe this waco just kept pluggin along after being told in writing to stop the lies. We will see now who pays for her lawyer. Damn, what an idiot but she must have bucks set aside knowing he wouldn't stand for it. Yep let the games begin. I agree.

9:04 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

Interesting information to prove sad sue's involvement on the private blog. Go Go Go. Must be 10 people checking post offices and out collecting these letters from others this morning. The district manager said they can determine where it was mailed before sending them off to orlando and back here. I gave my letter to one angry lady this morning. Some really mad walters and height supporters out there for sure. I got another number for you dick tracey and it is not a SS number RA12379593 or is that a 4 can't quite make it out. What do you think poor paul is it a 3 or 4?

10:32 AM  
Blogger geterdone said...

Looks like the Melbourne Beach Alliance is opposed to sad sue's dirty work to. She has been in MB for years and had a good reputation as hard working and honest. In just a year she is regulated to the trash pile she created. I guess being alone with no real friends at her age turns a person to bitterness. When you see her please give her a smile. Such people deserve our sympathy. Congratulations sad sue and with any luck you can get your doctor to up your medication to make you feel like a real human being again. Maybe she can get poor paul to deliver it to her for a quarter tip or posting his sign in her yard. I agree with what Commissioner Walters said and that she just can't help herself. He is right and we need to feel sorry for such a bitter woman. We shouldn't be angry with her. My vote and my wife's will be only for Commissioner Walters tommororw. I wish him luck he is a class act.

12:58 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

One smart lady from the alliance said:

I am truly saddened that someone or group of people in our little town
would stoop so low as to mail every household an
anonymous,libelous,misleading & false character assassination of a
candidate that they just don't like.
All 5 commissioners, and all other civic minded residents that throw in
thier hats to run, deserve respect and civility. Most people wouldn't even
consider giving so much of their time and energy to help steer this town

the best of their abilities, knowing how much criticism is going to be
heaped on them, no matter what they say or do.
There are many varied opinions in this town, therefore the 5
commissioners should ideally come from varied points of view so that we

all feel we are represented up there on the commission.
To send out cowardly (anonymous), mudslinging venom just because you
don't agree with a candidate is like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum to
get one's way.
Why would anyone run for election in this town knowing that shadowy
figures are watching from the sidelines and will vindictively try to ruin
your reputation if they disagree with you?
Thank you for announcing who you are and how you feel about
specific issues. That is how we will get good things accomplished.

1:11 PM  
Blogger sunsetoldandugly said...

Right on alliance! Shadowy figures my butt, Sad sue is telling people it could have been Bruce Black or Poor Paul who put out the letter but it wasn't her. hahaha. Look at the liar squirming already. poor paul couldn't even think, let alone spell, systemic. Bruce Black maybe but if it ain't a hotdog he wouldn't write "systemic" and where would he get $600 bucks for a mailing. No she is the one behind it and it just smells like something this person would do. I will laugh my butt off if he wins and say a little hahaha for sad sue if he doesn't. If Bruce Black was involved he had enough campaign violations to sink a ship so he shouldn't have rocked the boat.

4:13 PM  
Blogger sunsetoldandugly said...

According to the letter I received both the mayor and vice mayor support Walters.

Paul G. 3rd grade letter with the "boy" comment turned me off. If you can't spell or speak the language have someone who can do it for you. I don't mind a couple of typos but damn that was a poor excuse for a letter. Nothing from Tom Shaw. April is OK but seems to think she is going on a pinic in the park. OK I agree one vote for Steve. It probably won't get him in but I will feel better. Did you see the sneaky way sad sue combined a Florida Today quote with "he is thought to have been responsible for 15 employees being quitting or being fired" to make it appear Florida Today wrote the entire comment and not just the part about connie smith.

That is classic sad sue if you ever rea dher blog.

4:31 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Tony says we are all rich.

Now Tony, money, like most things, is relative.

Why would you want to hold our pocketbooks against us?

You silly BOY!

6:43 PM  
Blogger geterdone said...

Tony I hear you aren't potty trained yet. Try again some other day and stop spouting rumors or crap you got from the midget with the little pistola.

8:27 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...





8:36 AM  
Blogger geterdone said...

I went to vote and was thinking about what type of person sad sue is. A bitter old medicated woman and coward who didn't have the guts to sign her name to a letter full of lies. If you check the minutes she put down in the letter there is nothing there to back up her claims.

8:43 AM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

I did learn one thing from all of this. Susan Dieterle loves to be in the limelight. From once in her life she gets to say look at me. You love to be in the public eye? So be it.

12:09 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

lagoon runner
you have been deleted.

6:12 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

Are the charges that have been filed against the person or persons mailing out the anonymous
letter being filed local or federal court?

7:20 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

I heard today that Criminal Complaints have been filed locally. An attorney has filed a complaint with the Brevard supervisor of elections and tomorrow with the State Election Commission. More to come and some very interesting claims. I owuld not want to be on the investigative end of this.

7:49 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Darn 7:46 and no info on the elections.

7:54 PM  
Blogger DickTracey said...

You have been deleted

8:42 PM  
Blogger won't get elected said...

Looks like sad sue got a victory. Couldn't get it the legal way had to revert to her old self. No wonder she can't keep a man. Now she is claiming the town clown is responsible for the letter. Now poor paul is in with all his lies. Can't wait for the next round but you can bet it is coming. Sell out price has less than a year. I guess anyone can put out a letter just like hers and sad sue won't like mine.

8:31 AM  
Blogger sunsetoldandugly said...

Haha sad sue

10:45 AM  

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